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It’s Time For A New Garage Door!

When you want to buy a new garage door or to replace your old one, call us 718-766-0284, Rolling Gate Brooklyn supply and service garage doors for over 10 years in Brooklyn and surrounding area. We pride ourselves with great customer service and team of expert technicians.  We will come to your place, to give you an estimate for a new garage door.

First the technician will determine what size you need. Secondly you will need to choose a style. Choose garage door that complements your home’s exterior. There are few styles to choose from, as you can see here:

Garage Door Brooklyn

Short Raised Panels

They also lend depth to the door. They’re excellent additions to Victorian-style homes with intricately detailed trim, the symmetrical facades of colonial-style homes or the strong architectural lines of a Tudor home.

Garage door repair

Long Raised Panels

They give depth and distinction to the door, while adding to the home’s overall appearance. Our extra crisp deep embossed long raised panel make the industry standard panel doors look flat by comparison! This design provides a super detailed custom look. It makes the door stronger and eliminates oil canning.

Brooklyn Garage Door

Carriage House Panels

These panels add character to traditional, raised panels. It combines the classic swing out appearance and detail of the carriage house wood door, with the convenience of a standard roll-up garage door.

Garage Door Paneles

Flush Panels

They’re flat, slightly textured panels that can be used to complement the surrounding wall area without drawing too much attention to the door itself. The added benefit of choosing a contemporary flush garage door is the thermal insulation efficiency it provides.

Garage Door Repair Brooklyn

Garage Door Repair

It’s easier to have our professionals like Garage Door Brooklyn remove the old door and install the new one.

When Rolling Gate Brooklyn garage door technicians will come to your place, to give you an estimate for a garage door repair they will measure the height, width and thickness of your existing garage door.

Insured, Rolling Gate Brooklyn provides prompt, friendly and affordable Garage Door service for residential and commercial customers of Brooklyn!

Why Choose Rolling Gate Brooklyn Company for your Garage Door Service

  1. The most dependable and affordable local garage door contractor
  2. Professional and Experience Garage Technician
  3. Cost Effective
  4. 24/7 Emergency Services Available

From new residential installations to replacements and door repairs, we apply the most innovative technologies and unparalleled skill to ensure your garage doors are properly handled. Along with garage door’s essential functions, its operations involve complicated parts that can be unsafe when broken, mishandled, or left in poor working conditions. With our Garage Door, you don’t have to deal with the difficulties of fixing a problematic garage opener or replacing garage door springs yourself. Our team of experienced mechanics and specialists will attend to your garage door system, carefully evaluate whatever damage it may have, and provide the most suitable repairs needed to render a truly high performance product.

Also available commercial and residential garage opener installations at reasonable costs. ROLLING GATEB BROOKLYN can offer the finest garage door system in Brooklyn, NY that will suit your property perfectly. Call us at 718-766-0284 and schedule an appointment with our service today.

Garage Door Repair NYC

Beside roll up doors and roll up gates, we offer same day garage door repair in NYC. From commercial Overhead door to residential automated garage door repair in Brooklyn, we can fix it. We carry in our service tracks garage doors parts and tolls, which are required to complete the repair on our first visit. We repair and install garage doors from all makers, including Amarr, Wayne Dalton, Lift Master and more.

Door Repair
If you own a commercial garage door, you probably know that a perfectly working commercial door can save you a lot of time and money, which you would of spend otherwise. That is why we offer a same day repair service for commercial overhead doors in Brooklyn, NY.
If you are having issues with your commercial overhead door, and you are thinking to continue to use it, or to repair it by doing it yourself, we suggest that you will think again. Sometimes, the cost for repairing your garage door can be bigger than the price of a completely new garage door.

When you are planning to purchase a new garage door, there are few things that you should consider before making the decision.

  • What is the budget?
  • The kind of door you need (insulated/non insulated)?
  • The need a motorized door?
  • What is the size/opening?
  • What color of garage door?
  • With or without a window?
  • Traditional or contemporary?

We can help you answering those questions, by sharing out experience in the garage door repair and installation field. After hundreds of garage doors projects in Brooklyn, NY, there is no garage door project that will be too simple or too complicated for us.