Garage Door In Home Plans

There are some advantages to building with custom drawn home plans. The most obvious advantage is that you will get exactly what you want. By working with the designer, you will have input on the size and style. You can request specific elements and features you wish to have and the designer will include them in the floor plan. This allows you to add personal touches to your new home.

One important elements is your garage door

Garage doors come in many different designs, colors, insulation values and sizes. Classic Steel Garage Door Models offer traditional panel designs and feature raised or recessed panels that can be short or long. Carriage House Steel Garage Door Models offer the look of swinging stable doors with the durability of steel. Although these doors appear to swing open, they still move up and down just like a regular garage door. For homes with a modern design, our Contemporary Aluminum Garage Door Models with full-view glass are a perfect choice and can make a dramatic statement.

Colors are also important. Most Wayne Dalton models come in a variety of colors to choose from and can be custom painted to match your shutters, trim or siding. There are many different looks to consider other than a traditional raised panel steel garage door. Look at the rest of your home’s architecture, and then find the design that matches it well. You can see how Wayne Dalton’s garage doors look on your home by using our Garage Door Design Center visualization tool.

Window in Garage Doors

Windows and decorative hardware add the perfect touch to garage doors.

Many people underestimate the value the windows can add to a garage door. Windows add to the look of the door and allow natural light into the garage that can make the interior much more appealing during the day. If you don’t want people to look into your home from the door, but want the beauty and natural light of windows, then have them put in the top section of the door.

If you want to be able to look out your garage door, have the windows put in the third section from the bottom.

After considering the advantages and disadvantages of custom garage door, it most likely that your designer will help you make the best choice.