Gate Parts

Wheel Carriers

Function: The function of the wheel carriers, single or double, is to hold up the weight of the latch side of the gate. They also keep the gate lined up with the latch post. Most simply bolt on, however consider tack welding part of the fitting to better secure the fitting.

Choosing a Size and Type: There are many factors and variables used to determine which size and type of carriers to use. Weight, size, and terrain will all play a role in choosing a wheel carrier. When in doubt, choose the heavier model.

Rear Wheels

Function: The function of the rear wheel is twofold; it both holds the rear of the gate off the ground and keeps the gate on the track at the same time. Rear wheels bolt to the upright of the gate frame using rear wheel brackets. There is a small steel plate mounted to the rear wheel which holds the gate on the track. All rear wheels will roll on a 1-5/8” track which is a typical size of tubing used for top rail, mid rail, and bottom rail.

Pipe Track Brackets

Function: Pipe track brackets are used to mount the track to the posts. They are available in different sizes and shapes for different mounting applications. They are cast in such a way that allows you to connect 1-5/8″ track on each end to continue the track to infinity. The same part is used to terminate the track; simply cut off the swedged pice for a trimmed look.


Function: As with most latches, rolling gate latches are used to secure and lock a fenced in area or driveway. These are also available in a few different styles.

Gate Parts Services

Our company has especially well trained employees that work locally in all of New York City Area providing rolling gate repair 24 hour service. We have been installing & repair and servicing roll up doors, gates, door repair, security grilles for stores, homes, and businesses throughout Brooklyn, NY area for many years.

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Rolling Gate Brooklyn employees are trained and experienced in all rolling gates & storefront gates.

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