Gate Spring

The torsion springs on steel roll up gates function the same way as the torsion springs in the garage door industry. When the door is down, the spring is wound. The spring is secured to a spring anchor bracket on one end and to the shaft on the other. When the gate opens, the spring in the barrel supports most of the gate weight. The remainder of this weight is lifted by the chain hoist or the operator.

How Gate Spring Works?

As the solid or grille gate opens, the slats wrap around the barrel. Meanwhile, the torsion spring unwinds. When the gate is fully open, there is still a small amount of tension in the spring to keep the door from unrolling.

new springWhile the door opens, the moment arm (the distance between the center of the shaft and the point on the door that is starting to be wrapped around the barrel) increases. This means that the apparent weight of the door does not decrease as rapidly when it opens. As a result, steel rolling gates typically do not balance well in the middle of their travel. This has to be sacrificed to allow the door to stay down when it is closed and stay up when it is open.

Replacing or Repairing the Gate Spring?Rolling Gate

When torsion springs are wound, they grow in length. Since both ends of the torsion springs on steel rolling doors are secured and cannot move, the spring cannot grow in length. There are two options for fixing this problem. You can stretch the spring yourself with a come-a-long before you secure it to the shaft, or your can purchase pre-stretched springs. This allows the coils to be gapped and to lose most of this gapping when the door closes.

Multiple Springs

If the steel rolling gate has multiple springs, Rolling Gate Brooklyn strongly advise you to replace all of the springs at once. If one spring breaks, there is a good chance that the other springs will break within the next couple of months. Replacing all springs at once takes much less time than individually replacing the springs.

Broken Spring Repair

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Rolling Gate Maintenance

We highly recommend, whether it is a sliding gate or a rolling gate, to provide your gate with a maintenance service at least every 6 months. The weather in New York is not friendly to gates, and to avoid a problem with your gate, you should do a maintenance service, before it is going to need a repair service, which will cost you time and money.

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