When choosing a gate for a store, it is essential to determine what level of perforation will be needed. Security roll down grilles are built for long-lasting, great performance. Guides feature continuous wear strips for ease of operation and noise reduction. Surfaces are factory pre-finished to minimize field preparation and enhance the finish’s durability.

Grille Gate

Grille Security Gate

Roll Down Grilles provide for maximum ventilation and visibility while maintaining a secured area as commonly required on a variety of exterior and interior openings in retail spaces, office buildings and parking structures.

Emergency Egress Option For public building applications, where grilles are utilized to secure access to public areas, an emergency egress may be necessary to prevent entrapment in the event of emergency or power failure. Applications including hospitals, schools, office buildings and libraries are ideal for adding this safety option to the door system. The emergency egress allows

exit in the event of an alarm or power failure. The door is unlocked and therefore allowing exit. This feature avoids entrapment as well as provides immediate access to emergency personnel.

Electric Operation Option These security grilles are available with an electric operator to provide automatic passage for a variety of commercial and industrial uses, including schools, hospitals, libraries, public access buildings and parking garages. These options include:

  • Entrapment protection, including an electric or pneumatic sensing edge or photoelectric sensors
  • Push-button, key or combination stations; surface or flush-mounted for interior or exterior locations
  • Vehicle detectors, key card readers, photocell and door timer controls
  • Treadle or pull-switch stations
  • Telephone entry and coded keyboard stations
  • Universal programmable door timer
  • Radio control systems (24 VAC or 120 VAC)
  • Emergency egress allows for exiting without electrical power

Security Grille Gate Fitted For Home Needs

Security Grille Gate Are Customized For Your Needs, Residential Or Commercial

Security Grilles allow for maximum visibility and air circulation while providing area protection. They can be designed for typical shopping mall and storefront installations as well as for higher usage applications such as parking structures. High Performance Security Grilles are designed to operate for 300,000 cycles with operating speeds of 24 inches per second to open and 12 inches per second to close.

Security Grilles are well suited for parking garages and other applications where traditional roll-up grilles do adequately meet the need for very high frequency usage or the desire for faster operation. Counter Grilles combine the compact design and finished appearance of a counter service door with the ventilation and visibility of a roll up security grille for service counters and small entry openings. Call Rolling Gate Brooklyn to find more information about Security Grilles.