Commercial roll up doors are designed to give your building the maximum usable space available. The doors are rolling sheet doors that coil when opened, rather than opening along a track. The elimination of the track, allows for more head room. This is especially ideal in self-storage units where customers are looking to maximize the usable space available.

Manhattan Roll Up Doors has 24 years of experience serving customers in Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhattan and The Bronx. Our Manhattan Roll Up Doors team has experienced technicians on call 24/7 for any door emergency. Manhattan Roll Up Doors are always available to help you, if you say: ” The door is not opening or closing” or “door wont open from inside”, “How to open a jammed door from the outside”, “Door wont open from inside”, “Front door wont open from inside or outside”, if you have any of these problem call us any time, we are here to help! Call us 718-766-0284! We are fully licensed and Insured.Please call us and one of our skilled, professional team members will be dispatched immediately to assist you.

Manhattan Roll Up Doors

​We provide a wide range of service, such as replacing, repairing & Installing Doors, Gates and Windows of any size in all of NYC & Long Island. We have specialists that can answer questions on a wide range of topics, such as your residential or commercial security systems. Our technicians will educate you on the various systems available and together decide what will best meet your needs. We work hard to find the most efficient, cost effective way to get the job done! This is not a one size fits all company, we pride ourselves on finding the best solution for each individual customer.

We are one of the leading Gate Companies. We have helped thousands of clients in all types of situations. Our goal is to provide quick and effective quality service for you, your family and your business. Our #1 goal is customer service and satisfaction.​​

Other Door Service that Rolling Gate Brooklyn Provide in Manhattan

Commercial Overhead Doors – Overhead doors sectional doors and overhead garage doors can add style as well as functionality to any metal building. Rolling Gate Brooklyn offer a wide array of door options to meet your business or personal use needs. Whether you’re looking for a heavy duty door or a simple door for your back yard garage, we are working in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. In Manhattan we have services for door NYC, Rolling Gate Manhattan, locksmith Manhattan, NYC Locksmith and more…

Commercial Glass Entry Doors – Commercial Glass Entry Doors are perfect for any retail business. Your storefront door can be designed for any size business and can be customized to fit all of your business needs. We offer a wide variety of customization options.

Steel Walk Entry Doors – Steel walk entry doors or man are common in metal buildings. They allow for entry into your building. Standard steel walk doors are available as single or double door systems.

Manhattan Roll Up Doors Services Are:

Tightening of chain

Replacement door parts

24/7 Emergency services

Broken garage door spring

Opener rails and gear lube

Installing a new roll up gate

Safety reverse system tests

Garage door tracks adjustment

Silence squeaky and loud doors

Garage door opener adjustments

Replacement of broken/bent panels

Realignment of safety cable and beam

Access Control Systems New York City

Door Bent

Door Locks

Broken springs

Garage door opener

Broken / Bent Rollers

Garage door opener repair

Rusted or Misaligned Track

New garage door installation

Garage door opener installations

Replacing broken garage door drums

Safety inspection (25-Points inspection)

Replacing a broken or worn out garage door cable

Adjustment of the force balance at opening/closing