Rolling Gates

Custom rolling gates, roll up doors, springs, motors, and locks for both indoor and outdoor roll-up door installation in Brooklyn NY.

Rolling Gates Service

Special Insulated Rolling Gate Options: 

Insulated Rolling Gate Combination: Combine two different curtains on the same opening such as Solid and Grille. Typically an insulated rolling door is used in conjunction with an open design rolling grille to provide ventilation. When extreme weather or sound resistance is needed, double insulated curtain assemblies can be installed.
Insulated Roll Up Pass Doors: Hollow metal man pass door (walk through the door without rolling up the gate) and hinged frame available within a curtain.
Removable Guide Mullions: For extra wide openings requiring full access on a limited basis.
Sloping or Irregular Sills: Special bottom bar designs can meet odd shape floor conditions including slopes, curbs or rails.
Specified Wind Load: Doors can be configured to withstand the full range of specific wind load requirements, including missile impact ratings. Performance validated through third party testing.

Solid Roll Up Gate