Types of Gates

Types of Gates, what they provide and what are the advantages that they can accommodate, stylish gate styles, and what type of gate can be installed in a wider variety of environments than sliding gates.

  • Swing Gates are the most popular type for residential installations.
  • Swing gates provide the advantage that they can accommodate some of the more stylish gate styles, and can be installed in a wider variety of environments than sliding gates.
  • Sliding gates are most popular in commercial and high security applications.
  • Sliding Gates provide the advantage that they do not require clearance inside or outside the entrance to swing out.
  • Barrier Arm Gates have an “arm” that moves up and down, similar to what is commonly used at toll booths.
  • Barrier Arm Gates are most popular in parking lots and toll booth applications.
  • Barrier Arm Gates provide the advantage that they can be installed independently of any other fence or barrier, and require no clearance in, out, or to either side, since they only go up and down.
  • Roll Down Gate.
  • Grille Gate.
  • Perforated Gate.
  • Solid Gates.

Optional Accessories

  • Driveway Exit Sensors automatically detect when a vehicle is exiting the premises, and automatically open the gate to allow exit.
  • Safety Beams detect the presence of a person, vehicle, or other object in the opening/closing path of the gate, and prevent it from causing injury or damage by stopping the gate from opening/closing.
  • Telephone Entry Systems allow a gate to be opened/closed or locked/unlocked via telephone system. Easily allowing for unexpected guests or persons who have lost their other entry credentials to gain entry.
  • Remote Control Access allows entry without exiting your vehicle or stopping to present credentials, you can have a push button remote control, or an automatic sensor like an EZ-Pass in your car to gain entry.
  • Code Entry Systems allow the push button entry of a numeric code to gain entry, so there is never any concern about losing your credentials.
  • Barcode/Mag Stripe/Prox Cards are other options, using a card that is either swiped through a reader or presented in close proximity to the reader to gain entry, Prox based key tags are also available.