Top 10 Storefront Tips


Less is more 

The simpler the design, the better. Too much clutter makes it difficult for shoppers to see your business and take notice. One well-placed sign will grab the most attention.

Rethink security gates

Replacing your security gate with an electronic security system will increase the visual appeal of your business. If you must have a gate, an open-grille gate mounted on the interior of your store will improve nighttime security and allow customers to window shop after hours.

Choose quality materials

Cheap materials break down and often need replacing. If your storefront is in disrepair, shoppers will be discouraged from entering.

Know who you’re hiring

Most storefront work, including installation of awnings and large signs, requires a permit from the NYC Department of Buildings. Architects, engineers, and sign hangers must be licensed and insured.

Know your neighborhood

Each neighborhood has its own unique character. Ensure the look of your storefront emphasizes this character and appeals to 7 local customers.

Don’t forget maintenance

Clean windows and awnings regularly, and keep signs, bulkheads, and lighting in good repair. A fresh coat of paint is a good investment as is regular repair of brick or masonry.

Make it easy to see into your store

Let your merchandise speak for itself. Clear windows with minimal signage invite customers into stores and make for a more 8 secure environment

Show your building’s history

Beautiful historic buildings are often covered by layers of modern materials. Removing these layers may reveal historic detail that will add character and draw attention to your store.

Use inviting lighting

Install lighting to showcase signage, window displays, or other building details. It makes the storefront and the rest of the street more pleasant.

Remember: Keep it simple!